About The Piano Showroom

The Piano Showroom was established in 1986 in Mosman, Sydney by Jerry and Elpis Liossatos and soon became one of Australia's leading importers and suppliers of quality pianos.

At The Piano Showroom, we consider each customer's needs before recommending a piano.

We specialise on very selected and hardly used Yamaha, Kawai and other Japanes pianos. Pianos of this quality are in demand world wide and are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Our prices accurately reflect their quality and condition. Our pianos are cerified by the Japan Used Piano Association JUPA and are inspected by technicians who are members of the Japan Piano Technicians Association. You can therefore rely on us to select instruments that will stand the test of time. Most of our used pianos are simply pre-owned from private homes where they have been maintained but hardly used.

Good quality pianos have a long, trouble-free life. Poor quality pianos, either new or used, have a short, troubled life. It is not a question of new or used, but of quality.

Once the pianos arrive at our showroom we make thorough structural and mechanical inspections of each piano. Specialist technicians, members of the NSW Piano Tuners Guild, make any further adjustments and prior to delivry each piano is professionally detailed and tuned.

It is just as important for us, as is to our customers, that we always provide a good selection of fine instruments at competitive prices.

When buying a new or second hand or new pianos it is important to choose a quality instrument that best suits your needs and your budget.

Pianos sold by The Piano Showroom can be found in thousands of homes, professional teaching studios, public and private schools, performance centers and recording studios. Many of our customers who have not been able to make the trip to our showrooms have trusted our staff to choose a piano for them.